Individual talent can only flourish where ideas and passions are taken seriously.


Our work @ Tallence

As technology and management consultants for digital transformation, we support our clients in using digitalization to their advantage. Whether it's an international tech company, a traditional medium-sized company or the public sector, we forge the tools to equip our clients for the digital transformation. Our goal is to give them the decisive competitive edge.

We advise, develop and manage. In doing so, we set concrete goals and always keep them firmly in sight and focus on them. We provide support by setting the course for an innovative and flexible product development process. Therefore, we combine well-proven process management with dynamic approaches. And as experienced developers, we establish a scalable IT infrastructure as a key factor for success. Whether agile or classic - we act intentional, consistent and in a transparent manner, always with the appropriate project approach.

Tallence in a nutshell

The starting signal - 1999: A handful of students joined together under the TALLENCE banner. At that time, they were already full of energy, curiosity and a clear goal: to realize sustainable projects with meaning. With success - over the years, TALLENCE continued to grow. Today we already have five locations in Germany and count more than 130 employees in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Marburg, Karlsruhe and Görlitz.

You want to become part of the TALLENCE team?

Whether Machine Learning / Big Data Analysis, individual software or app development, frontend or backend (CMS) development, service management, DevOps or consulting, with TALLENCE you can flourish your talents in the best possible way!

Why we want you

Because you have a creative pioneering spirit. Because you are flexible without bending yourself. Because you are bubbling over with good ideas that you would like to realise successfully with a great team.

At TALLENCE we are looking for unique individuals with character and personality. People who have a mind of their own. And who combine the magic triangle of talent, inventiveness and passion. Do you recognise yourself? Well, then we should definitely get to know each other!

What can you look forward to?

Flexible working hours, a good salary and customised further training: We want you to feel completely comfortable with us. And that you don't just read about after-work, free time and family in the dictionary. Because only in this way we can create the right basis to form a dynamic partnership with you and make a difference.

That's why we offer you - depending on your position and location - many benefits at TALLENCE. We have listed some of them here:

More than just a job - we offer you ...

  • Work-life balance

    It is important to us that you enjoy being at work. And that it stays that way for a long time. That's why we support you. And not just during office hours or until after work drinks. But also beyond that - for example, through flexible working hours and home office. Even in times of illness, we are there for our employees as a team and help each other.

  • Work climate

    We live a corporate culture based on trust, openness and transparency. TALLENCE stands for flat hierarchies and respectful interaction with each other. It works because we are a real team. Whether in cross-location projects or when we give each other a big pat on the back at team events.

  • Hardware

    High-end MacBook or ThinkPad - the choice is yours. You're also free to choose your company mobile phone. To give you the tool you can shine with best. Since we lease our work devices, you can, for example, take over your iPhone at the end of the leasing period aunder fair conditions.

  • Further training

    We will do everything we can to support you in your personal and professional development: For example, become part of one of our missions! You can commit up to 10% of your weekly working hours to these task forces and work on innovative topics such as machine learning. Of course, we also offer you all the classic further training opportunities.

  • Eat & Drink

    Empty stomach = empty head. The brain consumes a good 20% of your total energy. That's why we provide you with cold drinks and fresh fruit every day at all our locations. To keep your caffeine levels stable and your spirits up, good coffee is also available in large quantities. And if you're a member of the tea faction, you'll also be well catered for.

  • Bike leasing

    Do you like to get in the saddle on your way to work? Great, we'll support you: through TALLENCE you can lease a new bike or e-bike. We'll add up to €50 to your monthly rate. If you find the love of your life on two wheels, you can take over your bike privately after three years with the last leasing rate.

  • Time value account

    Need more time for yourself? You bet! With us, you can easily pay part of your salary into a time value account every month. You can then have your time off deducted from this account at a later date. The big advantage for you: Your employment relationship is not suspended. Instead, you continue to be employed during the leave phase, while your salary comes from the time value account.

  • Retirement provision

    To make sure that your times after TALLENCE will be nice and rosy, we will of course also contribute to your retirement provision. You can opt for a company retirement provision with us as part of deferred compensation. In return, you will receive an allowance of 20% of the deferred compensation amount.


So much more. We'll be happy to tell you more over a cup of coffee or tea.

Simply send us your complete application documents here directly in electronic form (PDF).

Information on data protection can be found here: Data protection notice

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