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Bernd Scherf

Our Portfolio

// Telco Digital.

Hardly any market changes as quickly as the one of telecommunication.

We support telcos in optimising and expanding their digital business and point the way from a traditional and evolved IT landscape to the next-generation telco architecture.
In doing so, we work deep in the heart of the infrastructure of German communication networks - our solutions are in use every day to serve the needs of millions of German customers.

// Cloud Transformation.

Todays market requires faster and faster development of products and services. Cloud technologies allow a focus on the essentials and enable shorter iteration, higher scalability, reliability and more standardisation. The biggest challenge, however, is not the pure implementation, but the effective use.

We guide companies from the rough plan to the concrete strategy to the implementation and realisation of the individual added values for our customers - with leading providers, but also our own flexible solution: the Tallence Cloud.

// Customer Experience Management.

A user experience is not only influenced by direct contact, but also by seamless integration into the existing system and communication landscape.

That's why we design and develop websites and mobile services with the entire value chain in mind.
Whether on the basis of tried and tested platforms or as an individual solution - always tailor-made.
After launch, we provide support for operation, maintenance, application management, editing and marketing operations.

// Digital Identity.

The constant digital transformation leads to ever stronger interconnectedness in relationships with customers and partners.
The knowledge of a user's identity, the holistic view of their behaviour, roles and rights are fundamental components of many business-critical digital use cases.

We support the strategic planning, conception and implementation of customised solutions for holistic customer identity and access management (CIAM).

// E-Mobility.

E-mobility is entering the market at speed - exposing a scaling dilemma we know well: monolithic systems and processes and workflows not designed for demand. 

We enable the parties in the market to transform their business model into digital standards without losing speed. In doing so, we pioneer one of the youngest markets in the world with consulting, process design, implementation and integration of existing and individually developed systems.

Capabilities & Skills

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