Cloud Transformation

// Cloud Transformation

Cloud Consulting

We counsel our clients independently to understand all aspects of a cloud transformation for their business and derive a successful implementation strategy. We predict the costs, plan the transformation and devise a vision & strategy for using the individual cloud. This includes an analysis of the existing applications and processes as well as the definition of the objective and an analysis of the relevant company areas with regard to the need for change. We are also happy to take on change management and training of employees. In the process, we ensure the security of the cloud computing environment, the cloud applications and the data stored in the cloud. Cloud governance should ensure the comprehensible, secure and compliant use of cloud services.
Together with our customers, we develop the necessary regulations and organisational and technical measures.


Cloud Infrastructure Engineering

With our experience, we can build customised platforms for developing or operating applications. In doing so, we rely on established standards, proven technical solutions and automation. A handover phase with training ensures success. Operation by us is also possible.


Tallence Cloud

With Tallence Cloud, our customers can achieve their goals of using and deploying Kubernetes-as-a-Service for their developers and applications even faster and more cost-effectively. We have packaged the most common requirements in our own development platform. Project teams can be provided with proven environments in an automated way. The coding of our experience with technical solutions and processes guarantees the error-free and successful operation of the cloud infrastructure. The subscription-based support model keeps our customers' environments up to date.