Telco Digital

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Communication Services

With years of expertise with some of the largest telcos in Europe, we build robust, high-performance and efficient communication services. This includes, for example, customised large-scale email systems with several million users at outstanding cost efficiency.


Voice Processing (VAS)

In the constantly changing telco market, we help implement modern value-added services for call completion and IN services to realise new product ideas, not only in the voice environment. Either as a completely individual development for special customer requirements or on the basis of our product THOR, the flexible and highly efficient communication platform for voicemail and IN services, which has been used for years by some of the largest telcos in Europe.


Telco Transformation

We support telcos in their transition from a capital-intensive and technology-focused service delivery model to an efficient customer-based model. In addition to advising on new business models, we help decouple traditional legacy software systems and migrate existing telco OSS/BSS to a modern, standardised and cost-efficient next-generation telco architecture.


Next Generation Telco Architecture

We support telcos in the planning and design of their new digital infrastructure during their transition to a modern architecture according to the 5G standard. Among other things, we rely on the solution concepts and guidelines of the TM Forum to achieve the highest possible interoperability between systems from different manufacturers.